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Learn everything in simple manner 

At Dronakul, we teach complex stock or options trading strategies in a very simple manner, so that even a new trader can easily understand and implement them to trade effectively in stock market online.

With our best stock market courses online, you'll learn everything you need to know to to enhance your trading skills, including:

Technical analysis

Candlestick analysis

Demand and supply analysis

Trend analysis

Risk management

Money management

You'll also have the opportunity to join our online live classes of stock market investment courses online, where you can learn from experienced traders and get real-time feedback on your trading strategies.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced trader, Dronakul has the best stock market courses online to help you achieve your trading goals.

Our Diferrent Share Trading Courses

Technical analysis course by Dronakul
Technical Analysis Course: Learn Price Action Trading

Technical analysis is the study of historical price movements to predict future price movements. It is a popular tool used by traders to make informed decisions about when to buy and sell stocks.

Price action analysis is a technical analysis method that uses the patterns formed by price movements to identify trends, reversals, and other trading opportunities in advance. 

In Dronakul you will learn to identify all the price reversal and continuation far before normal technical analysis identify. 

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Options Trading Course By Dronakul
Options Trading Course: Learn Options Trading Strategies

Option trading is a type of derivative trading in which the trader buys or sells the right to buy or sell an underlying asset at a specified price on or before a specified date. Options are a popular tool for traders who want to hedge their risk or speculate on the future price of an asset.

You will also learn how to apply option trading to real-world markets. You will learn how to identify trading opportunities, develop a trading plan, and manage your risk.

This course is perfect for beginners who want to learn how to trade options. It is also a great refresher course for experienced traders who want to improve their skills.

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Share Trading Course For Free
Free Share Trading Course

This free stock trading course is perfect for beginners who want to learn how to trade in the stock market. We have made it accessiable for every beginners absolutely free of cost.

In this Free share trading course you will learn about the basics of stock market trading, including demat accout opening to how to use your trading platform. 

You will know about different indices like Nifty, Sensex, BankNifty etc, and different trading and investment instrument like, stocks, future and Options, commodity, Mutual funds, Bonds etc.

The course is included basics of chart, basics of candlesticks, demand supply zone marking and different candlesticks patterns like hammer, hanging man, engulfing, morning and evening starts, doji etc.

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Free share trading course
Swing Trading Courses

This course is perfect for beginners to experienced trader who wnat to develope their skill in trading using price action analysis.

Or those who are looking for only Equity trading course, this is the perfect for them too.

This course is designed based on price action trading strategy, hectic oscillators or indicators we will not apply, instead we will focus on price behaviour, volume, demand and supply, trend analysis, candlesticks analysis in depth etc.

Stock market is  vast subject and trading too, price can create infinites of chart patterns. In Dronakul's Swing trading course you will learn how to identify all the reversal patterns easily. In our swing trading course you will not learn common candlesticks pattern, but you will learn all the effective patterns which only professional traders know .

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A Complete Coverage Of Our Stock Trading Courses

Trading does not mean only buy and sell something, trading includes many things like, Broader market affect, Candlesticks Analysis, Demand Suplly Analysis, Trend Analysis, Quality Analysis, Trade Management, Proper Stock Selection, Proper Entry & Exit Starategy, Dronakul's Fusion Wave Trend Matrix, Double & Triple Screen Filtering etc. All this combindingly create a perfect trade. Dronakul is Perfectionist. Our Price Action Courses included everything you need to know to be a professional trader.

  • Broader Market Affect: Learn how broader market affects on price action during trading in depth. GDP (Gross Domestic Product), IIP (Index of Industrial Production), CPI (Consumer Price Index), Capcity Utilization, RBI policy etc's impact on price action and how to use the data in favour of your trading.

  • Candlesticks Analysis: In Dronakul we teach candlesticks not by their name but by their characteristics. A regiment of similar characteristics can create infinite stock market price action patterns. Which helps you to identify every reversal and continuation of a trend.

  • Demand Supply Analysis: Demand and supply are the principle of price reversal and continuation. And we believe demand supply are not just a few patterns. In Dronakul you will learn the vast concept of demand supply and you will able to identify demand supply without a known pattern.

  • Trend Analysis: Trend is the most important part of trading, if you know how to analyse trend properly you can be a master trader. In Dronakul we teach trend analysis in depth so that you can understand every trend reversal and continuation properly. Besides you will able to identify advanced indication of price reversal by analyzing the trend.

  • Quality Analysis Of Trading Opportunities: All trading opportunities are not equal. Some opportunities are good in quality some are bad. As a traders it is your duty to select the opportunity properly by analyzing the quality of the trade. In Dronakul we believe in quality trade not in quantity. You will learn quality analysis of a trade in depth.
Stock market technical analysis
Advanced Trade Management

Trade management is one of the key part of successful trading. Trade management does not mean to manage the trade while you are in, it strats from your tracking and end once you exit. In Dronakul you will learn the Institutional level trade management process in depth to become a profitable trader.

Proper Stock Selection Process.

Proper stock selection is also another key part of trading. No matter how good analyst you are, you will only able make profit if your stock selection is proper. In Dronakul only, people can learn proper stock selection process. We combine sectorial performence with price action. Which has made us the best.

Proper Entry Point Identification

In stock trading it is important to learn proper entry identification. Without proper entry large profit is not possible. In Dronakul we cover advanced level of entry strategy based on different market scenario and price action, which help us to execute the trade with high degree of accuracy. We are the only staock trading institute in India which teach entry just during the every price revarsal, this has made us unparalleled.

Proper Target & Exit Based On Price Action

No other than Dronakul will teach you how to identify target. You will able to set your target in different market conditions. In our Price Action Course you will learn How to book profit of your long position in Equity or Derivatives near the top of a wave or How to book profit of your short position in derivatives near the bottom of a wave. Besides you will learn pin point exit strategy if suddenly market conditions changed.

Dronakul's Fusion Wave Trend Matrix

Our Fusion Wave Trend Matrix is the most unique price action study. It will give you a clear vission about stock market, whether it will continue to move up or continue to fall or it will reverse. This is the only theory available in technical analysis study which tells you when there will be a price reversal with highest accuracy. 

Dronakul's Double & Triple Screen Filtering

Our double and triple screen filtering in stock market education is another unique theory. The frequency of trading will be reduced but accuracy will increase dramatically. This strategy is a proven strategy and currently Institutional traders also adopting the method. Chances of losses come down near to zero. 

Please read the caution below before you join any of our classes

Caution: Trading in the stock market is risky and there is no guarantee of profit. You could lose some or all of your investment. Our courses are purely for educational purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional financial advice. This course may help you to make informed desicions and may or may not reduce your chances of loosing money.

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