Unlock Advanced Stock Trading: Master Advanced & Newly Developed Price Action Patterns and Boost Your Trading Performance

Are you an experienced trader looking to refine your skills? Unlock Advanced Stock Trading with our comprehensive course. Master advanced & newly developed price action patterns and improve your win rate. Join Today!

Learning Objective With Dronakul

After completing the course you will be ...

  • Become skilled at identifying key real demand and supply zones in the market.

  • Develop the ability to analyze and utilize various candlestick patterns to support your trading decisions.

  • Gain a strong understanding of how volume interacts with price action for improved trade confirmation.

  • Learn to effectively analyze real-time trends to identify potential trading opportunities.

  • Develop the ability to interpret price reversals and continuations with increased accuracy.

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  • Gain the knowledge and skills to implement a comprehensive risk and reward management plan tailored to your trading capital.

  • Develop a framework for effective stock selection based on sound fundamental and technical analysis.

  • Develop the ability to create a personalized trading plan that aligns with your risk tolerance and trading goals.

  • Learn and apply key strategies for identifying proper entry and exit points for your trades.

  • Ultimately, enhance your overall trading skills and increase your confidence in making informed trading decisions.

Our Live Online Courses

Convenient Online Evening Classes (8:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.) For Working Professionals

Institute of stock market education
Price Action Trading Course For Equity And Derivative

Price - ₹30,000.00

Mode - Online

Number Of Classes - 35

Class Timing 8:30 P.M. - 10:00 P.M.

Mon - Wed - Fri Or Tue - Thur - Sat

This Course Is Designed For Those, Who Has At Least One Year Experience Or Attended Our Free Course

Next Batch Start Date:  2nd April 2024

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options trading course in india
Price Action Options Trading Course

Price - ₹25,000.00

Mode - Online

Number Of Classes - 20-25

Class Timing 4:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.

Mon - Wed - Fri Or Tue - Thur - Sat

This Course Is Designed For Those, Who Has At Least Two Year Experience In Equity Trading In Indian Market

Next Batch Strat Date: 14th Feb 2024

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Price Action Course
Price Action Swing Trading Course For Equity 

Price - ₹25000.00

Mode - Online

Number Of Classes - 20-25

Class Timing 8:30 P.M. - 10:00 P.M.

Mon - Wed - Fri Or Tue - Thur - Sat

This Course Is Designed For Those, Who Don't Have Much Time In Live Market But Want To  Trade Or Invest In Stocks. 

Next Batch Start Date: 12 Feb 2024 

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Free share trading course
Basics Course On Stock Market Trading

Price - Free

Mode - Online

Number Of Classes - 6-8

Class Timing 7:00 A.M. - 8:30 A.M.

Tue - Thur - Sat

This Course Is Designed For Those, Who Has No Prior Knowledge Of Stock Market Trading But Want Start Investing In Stock Market

Next Batch Start Date: 15th March 2024

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Complete Trading Course

Enroll With The Best Stock Market Trading Institute In India Right Now & Gain Most Advanced Knowledge Of Price Action Analysis, Learn How To Create Effective Trading Strategies As Per Market Conditions. A Single And Complete Course For Your Stock and Future & Options Trading And Investment Career. Join Our Live Online Classes With Lifetime Mentorship! Ideal for who want to be a full-time trader.

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Options Trading Course

If you want to be a professional options trader then join Dronakul, India's most advanced options trading course online. Learn how to trade options with every direction change with lowest risk and highest rewards. Learn how to create your own effective options strategies in different market conditions. Know how to become a full-time options trader even with small investment. Ideal for who wants to be a full-time options trader.

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Swing Trading Course

If you want to be a professional trader but currently you can's spend more time during live market then Swing Trading shall be your best choice in stocks. Swing trading require depth knowledge of technical analysis. In Dronakul you will learn price action for swing trading, which is the best and easiest trading style and more effective for stock and Futures trading. Ideal for working professional, housewives, students, who wants to create wealth from stock market.

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About Us

Share Trading Course In Kolkata

We Are Creating Top Level Technical Analyst Since 2013

Dronakul is top institute for price action trading course. All new candlesticks patterns you can learn only at Dronakul. It is founded by Narendra Nath Das in 2013 after leaving his stock market job. Since then, we have trained 270 students, 182 students out of 270 students become top lavel technical analysis and they are applying our price action techniques effectively in their personal trading or employment. This is a huge success for us, and we have achieved a success rate of over 67%.

We have received Excellancy Awards for  Stock Market Trading and investment field by India's biggest educational portal UrbanPro in 2018 and 2021. Our Mentor is also a verified teacher in Indias largest educational portan UrbanPro.

We offer a comprehensive course that teaches you everything you need to know about trading in any stock market, from the basics to more advanced strategies. We continuously search for new candlesticks patterns in chart which helpes us to stay miles ahead from other institute.

If you are serious about learning trading, Dronakul is the place for you. We offer most of the new trading patterens and techniques of technical analysis which will help you to enhance your skills in trading dramatically.

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Narendra Nath Das
Excellance Award By UrbanPro for Stock Market Trading
Excellance Award By UrbanPro For Stock Market Investment
20 Years Of Experience

Lifetime mentorship To Our Students!

We offer a life-time mentorship to mounted your skills in technical analysis area 

Share trading courses

Lifetime mentorship to enhance your technical analysis skills

The best Price Action Trading Course

Weekly practice classes to sharpen your analysis

technical analysis course in mumbai

Answering every enquiries of your doubt life-time

Total Number of Students
Top level Technical Analyst
If you are keen to learn How Stock market Really Work Then Learn Our Price Action Analysis or Advanced Technical Analysis And Enhance Your Skills In Trading.
Training Process

How We Give Training To Our Students

We understand the psychology of different traders and help them break their amateur thoughts to understand stock market behavior.

Here are the 4 steps we take to help our students understand stock market behavior

1) We understand their psychology

We know that different people have different misconceptions about the stock market. We take the time to understand each student's individual psychology so that we can tailor our teaching to their specific needs.

2) We break down their amateur thoughts

Once we understand their psychology, we can start to break down their amateur thoughts about the stock market. We do this by providing them with logic and multiple examples.

3)We teach them technical analysis

We teach our students technical analysis, which is a method of analyzing historical price data to identify patterns that can help predict future price movements. We use past and live examples to help them understand how the market really works.

4) Guide them to trade in the live market

We know that learning is not everything. It is also important to be able to implement what you have learned. We guide our students step-by-step to understand how price changes it's direction so that they effectively apply while they will trade.

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Our Current Live Paid Courses.

Currently we are teaching three courses, one for complete trading in stock market another for only options trading. 

Stock market trading course
Advanced Price Action Technical Analysis Course

Our advanced price action technical analysis course is designed for those, who wnats to be a full time trader and wants to build trading or investment skills in top level.

This course is enriched with top level macro economics and its impact in stock market which will help you to understand the future behaviour of the market in advance. 

It is also enriched with top level price action trading strategy. Most of the concepts are new in the market. Using price action analysis you can learn long term investment also. 

You wil ownder to know that using our price action technical analysis you can identify multi-bagger stock very easily. 

In our course we teach not only risk management but also reward management too. This part will help you to build your skill in such level that you can able to adjust your trading style in any market condition. 

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Learn share trading
Directional Options Trading Course 

Our Directional Options Trading Course  is designed only for experienced people in this field. One must have at least one year trading experiences in Equity. In this course we will teach both buying and selling option but not complex strategy.

In this course we mainly focus on momentum and directional move in either side. When an underlying or market just starts to change it's current direction, we indentify it and execute the trade. 

Trend and momentum analysis is the key thing in this course and trading also.We believe effective options trading is depends on market direction and momentum but not on options greeks and options chain analysis. Yet we will cover those options study in depth.

We have broken th myth that "Without complex options data analysis options can't be trade effectively." We have proved that, effective options trading depends on price behaviour. 

Complex options trading become simple with our direction options trading.

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best swing trading course in india
Swing Trading Course Based On Price Action

This course is designed for new and experienced trader who remain busy with their current profession but want to get benefits from short term momentum from a stock or future. This course is ideal for working professional, students, housewife, any individual or any corporate entity.

In this course we mainly focus on short term momentum gain in equity and futures and utilize those short term faster momentum for trading. 

We teach how to identify a stock just before the momentum starts. So that one can get full benefits of the momentum. 

In stock market, everyday thousands of new patterns formed but people knows hardly a few patterns. In this course we teach how to identify every new patterns using the regementaion of candlesticks.

Yes, we are the alone in India or probably globaly who teach their student how to identify every new chart patterns and  trade effectively. Trading with new chart patterns will keep you ahead of others.

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What Our Students Say's

Here are a few words what our students say about us.

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