Learn advance technical analysis course for Equity trading, Derivatives trading, Commodity & Currency trading in a single platform .


Learn how to buy in lowest low area and how to short in highest high area.


Learn how to identify from where market will turn in advance, far before it happens.


Learn how The Institutional Traders trade as per price action.


Find out world class trading style and ideas that fits to your trading.


Learn only proven strategies from professional traders.


Minimum 6 months mandatory practice with the trainer after completing the course, and continue practice even after 6 months if you wish.


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Why Dronakul?

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Narendra Nath Das


A professional trader and technical analysis course instructor.


Having experience of 14 years in stock market. 


He is a professional trader and instructor by nature not by dress or show off.


The best part of learning with him is he never left his students alone, all time he guides even during trading season. 

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Learning objective

After completing the course you will be.....

  1. Master analyst of Real Demand and Supply. Use of volume with price action.
  2. Master of real time trend analysis.
  3. Master of understanding impulsive and corrective market movement.
  4. Master of candlestick analysis.
  5. Able to apply risk and reward management planning in depth.
  6. You will be able to find out from where market / price will turn around in advance before it happens.
  7. Will be able to make your personal trading plan as per your trading capital.
  8. You be an expert trader.

What we believe the more asset class you will know, the more chances will be there to make profit in any kind of market circumstance, no matter what the trend is; up, down or sideways; with an inbuilt risk and reward strategy you will learn how to achieve your goal; it is no matter whether you are trading for monthly income or for future securities. In Dronakul, we teach only two courses, which are more advance than any advance course conventionally teach in India. Our courses are truly professional.


Knowledge is the power, and proper implementation of knowledge is the freedom of Life. We believe a complete education does mean to having ability of proper implementation in real life. In stock market, good education is rare, and well educated traders also slip into trap. This is why, we Dronakul do make easy the implementation of practical area. A PTEM(Professional Traders Expert Module) can avail mentors guide for 6 months after the course absolutely free of cost.


Buying a stock mean you owning small piece of the company and a or a few right like voting etc of a publicly traded company. Stock trading is a great place for the traders or investor for its great historical data. Unless you trade stocks you can't understand other asset class instruments which belongs to capital market like Forex, Commodity, Future etc. So trading stocks is not only simple stock trading but it is the beginning to wide your path of trading into more asset class instruments. It let you start few steps ahead while you will start trading other instruments. Day trading, short term trading/swing trading, longer term trading, will be teach to you in Dronakul's online classes. Make sure your internet connection works properly.


What we believe the more asset class you will know, the more chances will be there to make profit in any kind of market circumstance, no matter what the trend is; up, down or sideways; with an inbuilt risk and reward strategy you will learn how to achieve your goal; it is no matter whether you are trading for monthly income or for future securities. In Dronakul, we teach only two courses, which are more advance than any advance course conventionally teach in India. Our courses are truly professional.

technical analysis

We believe “Technical Analysis” is simply price reflection of fundamental valuation of a stock in chart. In other hand one can say it is a technique of how we can find out probable movement in different time span. It is a method to analyze the probability of price action. Using technical analysis we try to identify future price action both in shorter and longer term.


Though most people believe technical analysis is useful only for intraday or short term trading. In Dronakul we teach such kind of techniques which help you to identify Multi bagger stocks using technical. We believe if you know how to read the chart, then no matter what is your trading style, intraday, short term delivery or longer term positional.


In Dronakul, we believe technical analysis can’t be different for Equity, derivatives, commodity or currency. Instead knowing how to read a chart and how to use it can make you master trader in every segments.

Price  action tells you everythings if you know how to read a chart.

Option Trading

Option is a derivative, derives from an underlying.  It’s a contract between two parties one buyer and another seller. Option contract gives you either right to buy or sell something but not the obligation at a specific price on or before the last date of enforcement.


Option trading is complicated because the trick of knowing when and how to use options and how to calculate their worth. Knowing to calculate greater real value or greater pre-received value of an option is the most important part of option trading.


In Dronakul we have a single course only, we don’t teach options separately. In our PTEM course you will learn option basic, option’s terminology, option Greeks etc. in depth. During course you will learn how to create your own option strategy. During the six months mandatory practice season we teach different strategies.


PTEM (Professional Trader Expert Module): Over view: In Dronakul,our "PTEM" course is an advance course where we bring down case studies to 40% only and increased advancing price movement analysis to 60%. It mean we are looking at the history and then focusing on future with some rule based strategies. Course will be conducted online so that participant can save their valuable time form travelling. In Dronakul, we cover various types of trading, i.e. day trading, swing trading, short term investment etc. The combination of skill building knowledge and practical application give very much positive effect to a students. In Dronakul's PTEM course, we focus on some skill building extra edge that very much competitive with institutional traders. It means we teach how FII and DII trade with price movement.


The course content include highest standerd strategies. Share market trading requires knowledge in depth, because as a trader one should not be bias on intraday  trading or short term positional trading or long term positional trading. Whenever a professional get proper chance to trade they simply trade. And our course is also a complete course, we do not teach "Intraday technical analysis courses" or "Stock market trading courses" or "Stock market investment courses" or "Commodity trading courses" or "future and options trading courses" separately. 


We cover every aspect of trading usining technical analysis so you need not to find any other advanced technical analysis classes after lerning our course. We can assure you no other "stock market trading classes" or "stock market investment classes" can provide class merit like us.


Technical analysis COURSE

 Day 1-7

 Trading: The difference between the professional and novice trader.

Understanding the fundamentals of risk and reward in trading, Market Terminology.

Be able to decode the language of big traders, Economic Reports.

Know what information to look for and why it is important.

Understand the components of trading, Charts: How the market really works.

Power of price action, time frames, charting, candlestick basics, Supply and Demand- The location of unfilled order, the principle of price reversal.

Understand four key order types and the purpose for each.

Learn how the markets really work and the phychology of amteaure trades.


  Day 8-14


                Everyone is different, find what trading style fits you best, Trading principle Set-ups

Recognizing trade set-ups and understanding the supply and real demand

Trends: The origine of trend reversal, stronger trend, weaker trend, understanding primary and secondery trend, find out early trend reversal.

Different entry types based on location, trend and broader market.

Rule based target define, unfilled order indentification tools 1 & 2.

Learn how to increase the tools on low risk, high reward, high probability trading, Trade Management.

The strategy for moving stops, taking your profits and leaving your trade alone, Putting it All Together.

Step by step check-list for buying and selling using all components of the Trading principle.

How to identify rule based target.

Relation between volume distribution and unfilled order.

The unfilled order identification tools 3 & 4.

Understand the power of risk reward ratio and copunding return.

Learn how to measure the reward to risk ratios quality of the trade set up. Breakout Trading Tactics.

Quantification based on inbuilt risk reward.

 Day 15-20

Unfilled order identification tools 5,6,7,8.

Market breakouts, re-tests and the power of using the trend The Complete Trader.


Demand & Supply Zone and volume co-relation

Learning Trailing Stop Strategies using ATR and other Technical Stop Exit Strategies

The rhythm of the trading day and its impact on volume, asset classes and gaps Trading Gaps.

Recognizing novice gaps and pro gaps and the power of trading gaps. Trend reversal gap and continuation gap.

The proper use of, divergence, RSI, Understanding divergence and its possibility for advance trading. False signal with time correlation.

RSI: Indentification of momentum picking time in advance.

Combination with Market trend, volatility index, dollar index , supply & demand , RSI.

Use of RSI as unfilled order identification tools 9.


Day 21-25

 Options Basics 

Choosing Options over Stocks

Definitions and Terminology

Calls Puts

Charts, Diagrams and Pay-off Graphs

Types of Analysis

Technical Analysis

Fundamental Analysis

Time Value and Price Decay

Pricing and Volatility Analysis

The Greeks.

Understanding Black Scholes model and application.

Building a Trading Plan

Buying and Selling Puts and Calls

Covered Calls

Strike Selection

Stock Selection Process.




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